The College encourages GPEP training routes but also recognises prior learning when considering an applicant’s entry into the specialist GPEP programme.


  • Completed two postgraduate years in rotating hospital runs or equivalent experience
  • General registration with the Medical Council of New Zealand
  • Certificate of Professional Status from the Medical Council of New Zealand
  • New Zealand citizenship or permanent resident visa
  • Three clinical referee reports detailing recent medical experience
  • Six runs of hospital specialties
  • One year of hospital runs in New Zealand and have general registration in the country where you work currently (if you’re from overseas).

GPEP1 costs

As a New Zealand citizen or permanent visa holder, your GPEP1 programme fees will be paid by Health Workforce New Zealand.

During GPEP 1 you'll be required to be self-funded, practice employed or College employed.

1. GPEP1 self-funded

Without permanent residency however, you will have to apply as a self-funded registrar and pay the programme fees ($40,000 plus GST) yourself. While there have been rare exceptions of government funding extended to non-permanent residents, we cannot guarantee this will continue.

A self-funded registrar works financially independent of the College and will have to negotiate their terms of employment with a practice. The practice must be CORNERSTONE® accredited or working towards accreditation and will be assessed against the College’s teaching standards prior to the start of GPEP1. 

2. GPEP1 practice employed

You would be employed directly by a practice and work at that practice for the twelve month period of the GPEP1 training (i.e. you will not be required to change practices at 6 months as College employed registrars are required to do).
The training fees associated with GPEP1 will be paid by the government directly to the College.

As a practice employed registrar you will be entitled to the same level of educational support and assistance as a College employed registrar. However, you will not be entitled to any of the employment entitlements of a College employed registrar, rather you will be required to negotiate your own terms and conditions with your employing practice. We strongly advise you seek advice from the NZRDA.

If you are a full time practice employed registrar you are expected to complete a minimum average of eight clinical sessions per week, or a minimum average of five clinical sessions per week if you work part-time. You will also be required to attend GPEP seminar sessions. These are one day per week, except for the Otago region where a four day block course is held monthly.

In order for a practice to employ you during your GPEP1 period you must ensure:

  • The practice is CORNERSTONE® (or equivalent) accredited or working towards accreditation
  • The practice is prepared to be accredited as meeting the College teaching practice standards soon as possible and prior to training beginning.
  • That within the practice there is a Fellow of the College who is prepared to engage in teacher accreditation, prior to training beginning, and be available to meet the College teacher standards for the full twelve months of the programme. 
  • A practice who employs a GPEP1 registrar is required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the College.

GPEP2/3 costs

At the completion of GPEP1 you will begin paying membership fees to the College, which can be paid by monthly direct debit. These will be invoiced separately from your GPEP 2/3 fees.

The annual fee for GPEP2/3 is $2,500 plus GST.

At the end of GPEP3 you are registered for CPD online.  This is the College’s recertification Programme. We allow a six-month grace period for the completion of all GPEP requirements up to and the Fellowship Assessment visit, during this time no fee is payable. If Fellowship is not awarded during those six months a fee will then be invoiced. This will be payable each year until Fellowship is awarded. The annual CPD online fee (if required) is $600 plus GST.

On completion of GPEP 2/3, you will have a Fellowship assessment fee of $2,100 plus GST. If you have already arranged monthly direct debit fees, all your outstanding fees (excluding College membership) will have to be paid up in full.