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The College’s Board Apprentice scheme has been in place since 2014, providing a supportive environment for one member per year to acquire governance training on the job, while participating in governing a substantial organisation. 

The 2018 Board Apprentice will join the RNZCGP Board in an ex officio capacity to govern the College, monitor its performance against strategic aims and provide guidance to College management. 

Former Board Apprentices include:
2014 Dr Kiriana Bird
2015 Dr Liza Lack 
2016 Dr Jo Blakey (who was elected to the Board in 2017)
2017 Dr Daniel McIntosh

The Board meets 11 times per year, always on a Wednesday. The monthly meetings alternate between full day, in person meetings, and virtual meetings of approximately two hours. 

The Board Apprentice will be paid the College’s standard daily rate and the College will book and pay for airfares/mileage, taxis and accommodation if required. 

The Board Apprentice will be appointed in late 2017, with the opportunity to attend the November and December 2017 Board meetings.  

Expressions of interest close on Sunday 27 August 2017. 

For more information, please email 

Please apply by completing the application form and emailing it to 

Board Apprentice application form 2018

Responsibilities and expectations of RNZCGP Board members

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