Make a difference: Share your views on proposed changes to standards, regulations, policies and legislation.

We need to hear from you

As a leader in primary health care, the College is often approached by government and health organisations for its views on current standard, regulation, policy and legislation changes.

Your feedback, in any form, is essential in helping us develop our submissions to government bodies and health organisations.

Occasionally the College will not respond to consultations that are outside our area of expertise. However, even if the College is not responding on your behalf, we do encourage you to provide your feedback directly to the organisation.

If you would like to subscribe to consultation topics about your areas of special interest, please register with the professional interest groups in the 'my details' page in the Dashboard.

Current College consultations

Medical Council of New Zealand: Strengthening recertification

The Medical Council is conducting a consultation on Towards strengthening recertification requirements for vocationally-registered doctors in New Zealand.  The outcome of this consultation is likely to have an impact on both the College’s continuing professional development programme, and on the activities that GPs will be required to undertake in order to demonstrate their commitment to high quality continuing professional development. 

For more information and to share your thoughts, please visit this summary webpage.

Other consultations

The College does not intend to make submissions on these consultations, however individual GPs may wish to respond.

Healthy patients need healthy homes

The newly formed Ministry of Housing Urban Development would like your feedback on the Reform of the Residential Tenancies Act and the proposed Healthy Homes Standards.

The purpose of the Residential Tenancies Act is to help make life better for renters. Proposals include:

  • Restricting rental bidding
  • Removal of ‘no cause’ terminations
  • Minimum standards for boarding houses

To send feedback directly to the Ministry on the Residential Tenancies Act, complete the survey found on the webpage hyperlinked above.

The Healthy Home standards aim is to make rental homes warmer and drier, and deliver the greatest benefit to tenants without imposing an unreasonable burden and cost to landlords.

The Ministry would like your feedback on the proposed options for:

  • Heating (minimum indoor temperature, where heating should be located, heating devices)
  • Insulation (appropriate level for rental homes)
  • Ventilation
  • Moisture ingress and drainage
  • Draught stopping

To send feedback directly to the Ministry on the Healthy Homes Standard, complete the survey found on the webpage hyperlinked above.

Although the new Ministry of Housing and Urban Development is being launched this week, people should still contact Work and Income at the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) for help with urgent housing or accommodation needs. 

The new Ministry is focused on increasing housing supply, affordability, and making existing homes warmer and healthier. If you know someone who is homeless or needs access to public housing, please encourage them to call 0800 559 009, or visit their nearest Service Centre. 

National Guidance on follow up and supportive care of lung cancer patients after curative-intent therapy 

The National Lung Cancer working group have released provisional guidance on the follow up and supportive care of lung cancer patients after curative- intent therapy. 

Members can sign-in to read the draft document and provide feedback.

PHARMAC consultations

PHARMAC regularly conducts consultations on their processes and funding decisions. See the list of PHARMAC consultations.

The New Zealand government agency PHARMAC makes decisions about which vaccines, community and cancer medicines District Health Boards (DHBs) fund.