The Division of Rural Hospital Medicine (the Division) is operated on two levels; the Council and the Board of Studies.

What is the Division Council?

The Division Council governs the DRHM rural hospital doctors and the Board of Studies is responsible for the division's education programme.

Working on behalf of rural members, the Division aims to be transparent, robust and accessible to everyone. The Division seeks to work interdependently with existing organisations on a clinical, operational and academic level.


The Division’s Council represents rural hospital doctors across New Zealand and meet three times a year to discuss important issues.

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Division Regulations

The DRHM regulations are under review and amended regulations will be presented at the next AGM on the 5th April 2018.

The Division of Rural Hospital Medicine Regulations

Process for appointment of registrar representative.

Board of Studies

The Board is in charge of the daily running of the Division and carries out the Council’s decisions.

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AGM minutes and notes​

DRHM AGM minutes - 30 March 2017
Council Chairman's Report - AGM 2017
BOS Chair's Report - AGM 2017

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