“Research is four things:
Brains with which to think, eyes with which to see, machines with which to measure and, fourth, money.”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi - Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1937

Closing dates for the 2019 funding rounds:

Closing date: Tuesday 26 March 2019 | Meeting: Wednesday 3 April 2019

Closing date: Friday 12 July 2019 | Meeting: Saturday 27 July 2019

Closing date: Wednesday 18 September 2019 | Meeting: Wednesday 2 October 2019

What is the RNZCGP Research and Education Charitable Trust?

The RNZCGP Research and Education Charitable Trust has been established to:

(a) To encourage, foster and maintain the highest possible standards of learning skill and conduct in general medical practice in the interests of the best possible patient care in New Zealand.

(b) For the promotion of knowledge of and interest in the objects of the Trust by means of meetings, exhibitions, lectures, publications, educational courses and all other forms of instructions and publicity.

The Trust’s Constitution and Rules do not restrict who may apply for and receive a grant. The Trust may give grants to members and non-members of the College to further the purpose of the Trust. In addition, the Trust will consider grant applications from organisations conducting research and/or education consistent with the Trust’s purpose. 

Funding the Trust

The Trust is funded by an annual levy of $10 on the vocationally registered members of the College (excluding retired and life members) and interest earned on its bank deposits. 

The Trust’s Constitution and Rules limit the total value of each year’s grants to the Trust’s net income from the previous financial year. 

Unspent funds from the previous grant year may be brought forward into the current year’s grant pool. 

The summer studentships are capped at $5000 per grant to each of the approved medical schools. 

Other grants are usually $3000 - $5000 each, but larger grants may be made on a case-by-case basis.

What can be funded?

College members and others have the opportunity to apply for grants for the purpose of:

  • Undertaking research benefiting general medical practice, or
  • Summer studentships in general practice: one per year for University of Auckland – Auckland; University of Auckland – Waikato; University of Otago – Dunedin; University of Otago – Christchurch; University of Otago - Wellington (5 in total upon application), or
  • Providing education benefiting New Zealand general medical practice, or 
  • Travel for individuals presenting their research results, or for facilitating the education of New Zealand’s general practitioners.

The Trust does not provide grants for:

  • Education fees or usual course costs, or
  • Loss of income to reimburse for unpaid leave taken to do the research, or
  • Salaries for principal investigators, or
  • Additional grants for research, education or travel previously funded by RECT,
  • Attendance at conferences or similar, simply to observe, or
  • Activities that should rightly be funded elsewhere, for example core College activities or those that should be routinely funded by others such as the Ministry of Health, District Health Boards or Primary Health Organisations, or
  • Continuing professional development activities for College members that can be supported by their Faculty or Chapter funds, for example, attendance at the College Conference or regional CME conferences, or Where applicants are representing the College at a conference or event.

In exchange for funding, the College asks that grant recipients:

  • acknowledge support received from the RNZCGP Research and Charitable Education Trust in their publications and presentations; and
  • provide an item for publication by the College to share the recipient’s newly acquired knowledge with general practice in New Zealand. 

Apply for a grant

To apply for grants, please complete the research application form and email to rect@rnzcgp.org.nz