The Research and Education Committee provides funding for research and education that is of benefit for general practitioners


What is the Committee’s purpose?

The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners Research and Education Committee (REC) has been established to support research and education that fosters, and helps maintain, high standards of learning and conduct, and/or creates new knowledge for the benefit of science and practice in general practice, rural general practice, and rural hospital medicine.

Who can apply?

The Committee may give grants to members and non-members of the College to further the purpose of the Committee. In addition, the Committee will consider grant applications from organisations conducting research and/or education consistent with the Committee’s purpose. However, individual grants will take precedent. 

What can be funded?

The principles underpinning this funding align with, and build upon, the College’s five pillars in Te Rautaki – Statement of Strategic intent 

  • Supporting our members
  • Becoming a contemporary and sustainable organisation
  • Improving health equity in New Zealand
  • Education excellence
  • Quality general practices
For more information about what and can't be funded, please view our guidelines.

What past topics have been successful?

  • Diabetes management and primary care
  • Rural placements of health professional
  • Clinician survey of STI management methods 
  • Impact of Health and Disability Commission complaints and investigations
  • Bullying in the GP workforce

How much can I apply for and when will I know if my application is sucessful?

Grants are typically in the range of $5k - $20k for individual applications.  The limit for a single grant allocation is $40k.  Any single grants in excess of $40k must be submitted to the Board for prior approval.

The Committee will report back within three weeks of its meeting. 

How can I communicate the results of my research?
The Committee will promote your research. However, each successful applicant will be required to provide an abstract to the Committee which will be put on the College’s website. You are also encouraged to submit any papers to the Journal of Primary Health Care or submit an abstract to the annual College Conference. 
How can I apply?
The Committee will meet three times a year.  A maximum of 15 applications will be considered at each meeting, presented on a first-come, first-served basis. Any applications received over the first 15 will be held over to the next meeting.  Funding rounds will be communicated on this page and via Member communications.
The current funding round closes 8 September, 2020 at 5pm.
Before applying, please read our guidelines
To apply for grants or if you require more information, please complete the application form and email to