CORNERSTONE® Standard Simplification Project Update 

Practice news
29 March 2019
Hello everyone,
Following on from my February update, I wanted to give you a heads up on the progress we’ve recently made on our quality programme simplification project. 

Reminder about new modular approach

The new quality programme will be modular. To achieve CORNERSTONE®, practices will need to be accredited against the Foundation Standard module, the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) module, and one other module of their choice. 

Initially, there will be three options to choose from (a General Practice module, a Minor Surgery module and a Teaching module), but further modules will be added at a later date. 

Getting the modules ready for piloting 

Before implementing the new modules, we’ll run a pilot so practices can trial them and give us their feedback. We’re working with an expert advisory group to get the modules ready to pilot. The pilot modules will also be on the College website so all practices can view and provide feedback.

Where we are up to:

  • Foundation Standard module: Last week we held a final pre-pilot workshop with our expert advisory group to finalise the content
  • CQI and General Practice modules: Our Quality team is currently finalising the draft content before these modules go to the advisory group for review. 
  • Teaching module: Our Learning team is currently working on the final details of this module before it is available to pilot

The advisory group at the Foundation Standard pre-pilot workshop last week


In April we’ll send all practices a link to the new Foundation Standard module along with an invitation to participate in the pilot. 
We want the new modules to meet the quality needs of practices – so please consider participating in the pilot. Your input will help shape the new Foundation Standard module and other CORNERSTONE® modules. 
The CQI, Teaching and General Practice modules are expected to be ready to be piloted in May. 

Project webpage

We have set up a project webpage on the College website under the ‘I’m a practice’ tab. This page includes an overview of the project, FAQs, links to previous updates, and our latest information. 
If you have any questions about the project or the pilot, please email
Kind regards,
Steve Kelly
Project Manager
Foundation and CORNERSTONE® Simplification Project