Children, Young Persons and Their Families Legislation Bill

Sector news

This omnibus bill covers a wide range of legislative reforms to support the new operating model for the Ministry for Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki, and will establish the statutory framework required to create a more child-centred operating model to meet the needs of vulnerable children and young persons.

Hon Anne Tolley, Minister of Social Development, identified some significant changes that include:

  • allowing young people to remain in care or return to care up until the age of 21, with transition support and advice available up to 25;
  • enabling the establishment of an information sharing framework to keep vulnerable children and young people safe from harm;
  • extending the youth justice system to include lower-risk 17 year olds


For more information, and to submit directly to the parliamentary Select Committee, please go to the NZ Parliament website. Submissions are due 15 February 2017.