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18/06/2021 Continuing Medical Education

Patient-centred care for chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)

E-learning, online course

18/06/2021 Continuing Medical Education

Introduction to hepatitis B

This is an E-learning course.

28/06/2021 Continuing Medical Education

Essential Medicinal Cannabis Prescriber

This essentials course serves as an introduction to prescribe medicinal cannabis for medical practitioners in clinical setting.

28/07/2021 Continuing Medical Education

The Process Communication Model®

or PCM for short – is a behaviour-based method.

28/07/2021 Continuing Medical Education

Robot Laser for Retinal Disease

Event Organiser: Evolution Healthcare


Rethink Obesity 4Forums (series 2)

Four expert recommendations to simplify the weight management consultation

29/07/2021 Continuing Medical Education

Optimal Management of Concussion within first 10 - 28 days

Event Organiser: Evolution Healthcare

31/07/2021 Continuing Medical Education

Paediatrics for primary care

This event is run by the Auckland Faculty of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners.


Paediatrics for primary care

Clinical updates and guidance supporting excellence in paediatric care in general practice.

2/08/2021 Continuing Medical Education

Diagnosis & Management of Low Back Pain in Primary Care

Presented by Mr Chris Hoffman, (Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon and Medical Director of the TBI Health)

3/08/2021 Continuing Medical Education

Former Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health & Wellbeing Forum #1

Presented by the Auckland Regional Refugee Health Network (ARRHN)

3/08/2021 Continuing Medical Education

Constipation: the thick and the thin

Title: Constipation: the thick and the thin Host: Ian Bradford (Colorectal Surgeon)

4/08/2021 Continuing Medical Education

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Child and adolescent mental health—Mental health morsels for the primary care setting

6/08/2021 Conference

GP21: Conference for General Practice

The annual Conference for General Practice is the only conference in New Zealand that is presented by GPs, for GPs.

7/08/2021 Conference

Rural Chapter AGM

Hosted by the Rural General Practitioners' Chapter

7/08/2021 Conference

Peer Review Breakfast

Hosted by the Te Akoranga a Maui RNZCGP

7/08/2021 Conference

Te Akoranga a Maui Peer Review Breakfast

Hosted by the Te Akoranga a Maui, RNZCGP

7/08/2021 Conference

Pacific Chapter Fono

Hosted by the RNZCGP Pacific Chapter

7/08/2021 Conference

Te Akoranga a Maui Dinner

Hosted by the Te Akoranga a Maui, RNZCGP

12/08/2021 Conference

Sonic Conference 2021

EMUGS (Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Group) invites Rural Hospital Clinicians and Rural GP Registrars with an interest in POCUS to join us at SONIC 2021 in Queenstown in August.

14/08/2021 Continuing Medical Education

LARC insertion workshop

Contraception, LARC insertions, and managing menstrual challenges.

19/08/2021 Conference

South GP CME 2021

21/08/2021 Continuing Medical Education

Fundamentals in Obstetric Care II: Labour and birth

Event organiser: Monash University, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Management of recurrent Thrush and Bacterial Vaginosis

27/08/2021 Conference

2021 NZ Primary Care, GP & RH Research Symposium

Annual gathering of researchers in Primary Care, General Practice and Rural Health in Aotearoa New Zealand

4/09/2021 Continuing Medical Education

Practical Skills in Prescribing Medicinal Cannabis

Earn 6 RNZCGP CME Points Registration closes 2nd of September 2021

10/09/2021 Conference

2021 New Zealand Melanoma Summit

New Zealand currently has one of the highest melanoma rates in the world. The 2021 Melanoma Summit will provide an opportunity for over 200 health professionals working in melanoma management to come together and help reduce our world-leading rates. The event will also launch the updated Quality Statements to Guide Melanoma Diagnosis and Care in New Zealand, a document which will set a benchmark for the standard of care melanoma patients in New Zealand receive.


In search of the analgesic holy grail – where art cannabis?



6/10/2021 Continuing Medical Education

An Irritable Bowel: the syndrome, the causes and the tests

Title: An Irritable Bowel: the syndrome, the causes and the tests Host: Thomas Caspritz (Gastroenterologist), Stephanie Brown (Dietitian)

19/10/2021 Continuing Medical Education

PCOS Implications & Thyroid Dysfunction in Pregnancy

Event Organiser: Evolution Healthcare

19/10/2021 Continuing Medical Education

MHT 101

MHT 101: Is it safe? How do we prescribe it? How long can we use it?

22/10/2021 Continuing Medical Education

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Introductory Training

ICH  / GCP Training Courses

30/10/2021 Conference

Maori/Pasifika Mock Exams

Hosted by the Te Akoranga a Maui

16/11/2021 Continuing Medical Education

Abdominal & Pelvic Pain

Abdominal & pelvic pain in pre-menopausal women – case studies