Patient complaints

For patients with health information stored, held or controlled by the College 

The College’s patient complaint procedure applies to all individuals who have health information (as defined below) that is captured for the College’s educational purposes (governed by the Health Information Privacy Code 1994) and want to make a complaint

To complain, please complete this form. 

Health information

Health information is defined as: 

  • Information about the health of an identifiable individual, including their medical history
  • Information about any disabilities that individual has, or has had
  • Information about any health services or disability services that are being provided, or have been provided, to that individual
  • information provided by that individual in connection with the donation, by that individual, of any body part or any bodily substance of that individual or derived from the testing or examination of any body part, or any bodily substance of that individual
  • information about that individual which is collected before or in the course of, and incidental to, the provision of any health service or disability service to that individual.

For complaints relating to a practice’s service

Please contact your practice to raise a complaint.