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14/02/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Neonatal Encephalopathy (NE) Regional Workshops

ACC has established a NE Taskforce which is holding a series of regional workshops in February and March to focus on how to reduce the number and severity of NE cases in NZ. If you wish to attend one of the workshops you will need to RSVP to ACC by January 31st.

15/02/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Canterbury GP Professional Education 2017 Series

Oxford Women's Health hosts a series of CME Endorsed events throughout 2017.

15/02/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Dermatology and Vascular Skin Conditions

Discover tools to help in the investigation and management of patients with Contact Allergic Dermatitis. Find out which vascular skin conditions are currently suitable for laser treatment.

1/03/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Update on Opthalmology 2017

2/03/2017 Continuing Medical Education

NZPS17 - Annual Scientific Meeting of the NZ Pain Society

Staying active and maintaining a fulfilling lifestyle despite the pain can be a great challenge for persistent pain sufferers. Our theme this year is “Active and Able - Independent with Pain”. The focus of the conference is two-fold. It looks at ways in which pain patients can be assisted in remaining active despite the pain, be it maintaining work, or continuing with leisure activities, school or sports. It also aims at equipping professionals with up to date skills which can be taken to the clinic and applied straight away to improve patient outcomes. To ensure a successful conference, well-recognised international speakers have been confirmed. Bruno Cayoun will share with us his expertise on using mindfulness in pain management. While, Professor Jo Nijs will provide an overview of the latest research into the process of central sensitization. A half-day primary care forum will aim to tackle the challenges that primary care providers face when managing choric pain patients and a selection of brief workshops and panel discussions will prove to be engaging and practical. 15.5 CME credits

2/03/2017 Continuing Medical Education

4th WONCA East Mediterranean Family Medicine Congress

This year the congress has been designed to provide an innovative and comprehensive overview of the latest research developments in Family Medicine and Primary Health Care. Over the course of three days, the congress will feature symposia, keynote sessions, parallel workshops and abstract presentations.

3/03/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Clinical Pharmacology: Paediatrics, Eyes and Antibiotics

For nurses, NPs and other healthcare professionals involved in patient medication management and those looking to update their knowledge and understanding of how drugs work.

8/03/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Orthopaedics - Shoulders

The Painful Arc, Differential Diagnosis, Examination and Treatment

8/03/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Smart Technologies for Health and Wellbeing

CME-endorsed (4.0 points) workshop on internet and e-tools.

11/03/2017 Continuing Medical Education

The Skin Cancer Symposium

Dermatoscopy and Surgical Training: Want to acquire sound fundamentals in dermatoscopy in one weekend? Already have experience in dermatoscopy and want to learn more? Want training in surgical procedures?

11/03/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Life Support Courses for Practice Nurses & GPs

New Zealand Resuscitation Council Core Immediate Courses and NZRC Core Advanced Courses provided by EmMed and Staying Alive Solutions: Saturday 11 March | Friday 14 July | Saturday 15 July | Friday 24 November | Saturday 25 November

13/03/2017 Continuing Medical Education

What To Do About Sleep

An update on the diagnosis and current recommendations for behavioural treatment of insomnia.

14/03/2017 Continuing Medical Education


Anosmia, nasal obstruction and sinus-related disease.

16/03/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Urology and Gynaecology

Pelvic organ prolapse, renal stones and practical session on Mirena insertion.

24/03/2017 Continuing Medical Education

NZ Asthma Guidelines Update

New guidelines have been developed to help health professionals in delivering asthma care, and provide up-to-date practical and evidence-based guidance.

24/03/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Goodfellow Symposium

A multi-disciplinary programme catering for general practitioners, primary health care nurses, urgent care physicians, registrars, specialists and others primary health care professionals.

28/03/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Gynaecology CME

30/03/2017 Conference

Choosing Wisely Symposium

The Choosing Wisely campaign aims to improve care and avoid unnecessary tests and procedures.

30/03/2017 Continuing Medical Education

National Rural Health Conference 2017

New Zealand Rural General Practice Network's annual National Rural Health Conference

31/03/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Antenatal and Postnatal Distress and Loss

A seminar for perinatal mental health providers. CME-endorsed (6.5 credits).

31/03/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Medical Specialties Conference

Otago Uni. presents an update in medical specialties for general practitioners.

5/04/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Managing Pharmacology

Managing pharmacology for GPs, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and pharmacists.

7/04/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Queenstown Emergency Ultrasound

Point of care training for clinician's who use ultrasound in their workplace.

8/04/2017 Continuing Medical Education

AIMA Conference 2017

AIMA (Australasian Integrative Medicine Association) Conference 2017

8/04/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Common Skin Lesions and Dermatoscopy

Conducted by Honorary Associate Professor Amanda Oakley, this one-day course addresses clinical and dermatoscopic diagnosis of common benign and malignant skin lesions, particularly pigmented lesions. Dr Ben Tallon, consultant dermatologist and dermatopathologist, also will be contributing to the course. CME endorsed (6.5 credits)

12/04/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Wellington Orthopaedic CME

Hosted by Acurity Health, this CME endorsed (2.0 credits) event is presented by orthopaedic surgeon Nigel Willis and will focus on feet and ankles.

29/04/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine

Core skils for safe practice of skin cancer medicine. CME-endorsed (13.0 credits).

29/04/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Certificate of Dermoscopy

Understand the basics of this skin cancer diagnostic technique. CME-endorsed (12.0 credits)

10/05/2017 Conference

ANZSGM Geriatric Medicine Conference

Annual Scientific Meeting of Australian & New Zealand Society of Geriatric  Medicine 2017

15/05/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Health and Wellbeing for Health Professionals

Health and Wellbeing seminar for GPs, Nurse Practitioners, Primary Care Nurses and other members of the Primary Health Team

19/05/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Assessing and Managing the Neonate

This seminar will focus on assessments, challenges and changes to management in the neonate.

24/05/2017 Continuing Medical Education

Menopause and Osteoporosis Update

Up-to-the-minute research on women's health topics ranging from osteoporosis to HRT.

5/07/2017 Conference

Cook Islands Health Conference 2017

2017 Annual Conference in Rarotonga and Aitutaki

28/06/2017 Continuing Medical Education

WONCA Europe Conference

WONCA Europe conferences have become the most influential events for general practitioners from Europe and elsewhere contributing to global awareness of the latest clinical primary care strategies and to the development of professional issues.