The College receives advice and direction on education, training and assessment from a number of experts.



Dr Peter Fleischl

The Censor-in-Chief oversees the quality of the formative and summative assessment of registrars in the General Practice Education Programme (GPEP), which ultimately leads to Fellowship.

The role of the Censor-in-Chief is supported by the College’s Censors, Assessors, Chief Examiner and GPEP Examiners.

Chief Examiners

Dr Sandra Jessop - Clinical

Dr Michael Oehley - Written

Chief Examiners oversee the summative assessments that registrars usually sit at the end of the first year of the GPEP.

They are responsible for ensuring that the examination process is fair, that the results are reliable and valid, and that standards of assessment and assessment outcomes are maintained from year to year.

About the College's Education Advisory Group (EAG)

The EAG provides the Board, chief executive and senior management team with expert advice for our education and training programmes.

The College's EAG is composed of 13 members. They provide advice to the College on the General Practice Education Programme (GPEP) for registrars, Fellowship Assessment standards, and continuing professional development (CPD) for Fellows.

Education Advisory Group Members

Dr David Henry

Dr Timothy Phillips
Te Akoranga a Maui Rep

Dr Annika Hoi Ling Lam
GPEP 1 Representative

Dr Lorraine Brooking


Dr Glenn Doherty

Dr Aisha Paulose

Prof Jenny Poskitt

Dr Tane Taylor

Dr Maia Melbourne-Wilcox

Dr Liza Lack

Ex-officio member

Dr Richard Medlicott
Ex-officio member

Ms Terina Moke
Ex-officio member

Ms Bernadette Cornor
Committee Administrator