GP representative wanted for Pancreatic Cancer QPI Working Group

A chance to represent GPs on the Pancreatic Cancer QPI Working Group

The Cancer Control Agency is looking for a general practitioner to join the Pancreatic Cancer Quality Performance Indicator (QPI) Working Group.

They are looking for a GP with interest and experience working with patients with pancreatic cancer. Experience and understanding of quality improvement is beneficial, but not required.

The Group, consisting of experts from across the cancer care pathway, will work in partnership with the Cancer Control Agency to develop a set of indicators to drive quality improvement in pancreatic cancer care in New Zealand. The Group will also assess data requirements for the indicators and identify data gaps.
You can see more information on the QPI programme, including the completed bowel cancer quality improvement report, here

Development of the indicators will occur over the course of 2020. This will involve 2-3 full day meetings held in Wellington. There will also be some additional time required to review and develop potential indicators in smaller sub-groups, which can be done via email/teleconference. 

General practitioners will be reimbursed a meeting fee and travel costs as per the Ministry of Health’s guidelines. Please refer to Section D, classified as Group 4, and score yourself based on your skills and experience. 

The Working Group will be chaired by Prof John Windsor. If you have questions about the project or would like to be considered for the role, please contact Elinor Millar