On the final sprint to Fellowship, your knowledge and experience will be challenged as you work increasingly independently.

Planning and tools


With GPEP1 behind you, it will be your responsibility to find an employer and negotiate the terms of your employment. 

As a senior registrar, there is a minimum requirement of four-tenths a week spent in general practice, with the final hours agreed with your practice.

The College team will determine your time requirements and the number of cycles required to complete the program. By constructing your professional development plan at the start of the programme, you will outline the activities needed during the year based on your strengths and weaknesses. 

Medical educators and the online educational platform will help guide you through assessment stages.

Clinical time


During this time you will continue to refine your skills, knowledge and clinical practice with a large emphasis on reflection. Colleague multi-source feedback, clinical audit activities, academic component (see policy), video reviews and doctor’s interpersonal skills questionnaires serve to fill gaps in your knowledge.

More information on the curriculum can be found by contacting GPEP2@rnzcgp.org.nz


Fellowship assessment visit

You will be ready for your Fellowship assessment visit upon completing:

  1. Training requirements
  2. Summative assessments
  3. Clinical time requirements

Please read our Fellowship assessment visit guide and Fellowship regulations.

When the College awards you Fellowship status, you are eligible to apply to the Medical Council of New Zealand for registration as a vocational GP.

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