MCNZ’s revised model for recertification

4 September 2019

As members will likely be aware, the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) has been in consultation with medical colleges since late 2015 regarding doctors’ recertification requirements.

During MCNZ’s consultation period, the College collected feedback and made submissions in 2017 and 2018 on its proposed changes.

In June 2019, MCNZ published A model for strengthened recertification requirements for vocationally-registered doctors practising in New Zealand.


This document outlines the updated requirements that New Zealand GPs will need to meet in order to maintain their vocational registration.

Interpreting MCNZ’s new model

We’ve highlighted the key components of MCNZ’s recertification model and provided some commentary on what these might mean for our GPs.

  1. A strengthened approach – core elements of the model
  2. Cultural competence, safety and health equity
  3. Professional development plan.
  4. Annual conversation
  5. Continuing professional development activities

Of interest, under the revised model, there is no minimum hourly requirement and GPs will no longer need to complete previously compulsory elements such as ‘audit of medical practice’ activities.

The College’s CPD programme

In anticipation of MCNZ’s final requirements, the College has been developing a new continuing professional development (CPD) framework. We have researched approaches to professional development, formed a working group led by the College’s Education Advisory Group (EAG) chair Dr David Henry, and gathered information from a number of GPs around the country.

We are pleased to see MCNZ’s final recertification model aligns closely with our thinking, and the feedback and comments we gained from our members.

MCNZ has made it clear that it expects the College to have a strengthened CPD programme, aligned to its model, in place within three years.

We expect to deliver our revised CPD programme well within this timeframe, and will be providing regular updates to assist with this transition.