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How to have an event listed

The College will list CME-endorsed events and those from organisations affiliated to the College in ePulse and on the website for free. Non CME-endorsed events can also be listed at a cost of $270+GST.

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5/04/2018 Continuing Medical Education

Optimising Health Care in the 1st Trimester of Pregnancy

Organised by Dr Emma Parry, Obstetrician and Gyanecologist

11/12/2018 Continuing Medical Education

Canterbury GP Professional Education 2018 Series

Oxford Women's Health hosts a series of CME Endorsed events throughout 2018.

22/03/2018 Conference

Neurodegenerative Disorders and Palliative Care

This event is hosted by the Mary Potter Hospice

26/03/2018 Continuing Medical Education

Teaching Skills for Clinicians

5/04/2018 Conference

2018 Division of Rural Hospital Medicine AGM

Annual General Meeting for the DRHM.

5/04/2018 Conference

DRHM Registrar Training Day 2018

Face-to-face meeting for DRHM registrars.

5/04/2018 Continuing Medical Education

Rural Research Day

Hosted by the College's Rural General Practitioners' Chapter.

5/04/2018 Continuing Medical Education

Haematology Update

Hosted by Acurity Health.

28/04/2018 Continuing Medical Education

Certificate of Dermoscopy

Hosted by the Skin Cancer College Australasia.

28/04/2018 Continuing Medical Education

Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine

Hosted by the Skin Cancer College Australasia.

30/04/2018 Continuing Medical Education

Health and Wellbeing for Health Professionals

Useful techniques for stress management, burnout and self-compassion with opportunities to practice.

5/05/2018 Continuing Medical Education

Common Skin Lesions and Dermatoscopy

All-day courses for health professionals.

11/05/2018 Continuing Medical Education

Anticoagulation Update

Haemostasis and thrombosis basics, clinical applications, common indications, choice of anticoagulant, transitions of care and quality improvement.

18/05/2018 Continuing Medical Education

Managing neonate complications

Preterm, infections, cardiac lesions and other complications that challenge practitioners providing care for neonates.

20/05/2018 Conference

2018 Northland Faculty AGM

The 2018 Annual General Meeting for the Northland Faculty.

23/05/2018 Continuing Medical Education

Management of Chronic Non-malignant Pain

The Burwood Hospital pain specialist team will cover aspects of chronic non-malignant pain management.

25/05/2018 Continuing Medical Education

Connect 2018

The 20th Annual Acurity Health GP Conference.

25/05/2018 Continuing Medical Education

Common Infections

ENT, respiratory, acute bronchitis, UTI, skin, STDs, PID and a few serious ones such as meningitis.

27/05/2018 Conference

Southland Faculty GP Conference

Hosted by the College's Southland Faculty

7/06/2018 Continuing Medical Education

Rotorua GP CME

Continuing Medical Education event for GPs.

16/06/2018 Conference

2018 Te Akoranga a Maui AGM

2018 Annual General Meeting for Te Akoranga a Maui

30/06/2018 Conference

2018 Nelson-Marlborough Faculty AGM

2018 Annual General Meeting for the NM Faculty.

26/07/2018 Continuing Medical Education

GP18 Conference for General Practice & Quality Symposium

28/07/2018 Conference

2018 Register Chapter AGM

2018 Register Chapter Annual General Meeting

16/08/2018 Continuing Medical Education

South GP CME

Continuing Medical Education event for GPs.

24/08/2018 Conference

2018 Canterbury Faculty AGM

The 2018 Annual General Meeting for the Canterbury Faculty

29/08/2018 Continuing Medical Education

Rural Generalist CME Workshop

Hosted by the University of Otago and the Cook Island Ministry of Health