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The College will list CME-endorsed events and those from organisations affiliated to the College in ePulse and on the website for free. Non CME-endorsed events can also be listed at a cost of $270+GST.

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20/05/2019 Conference

2019 GPEP Interviews

18/10/2018 Continuing Medical Education

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

A gynaecology update presented by Mr Peter Abels, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.

16/11/2018 Conference

Social Determinants of Health and Clinical Burnout - Webinar

A webinar session exploring the relationship between social determinants of health and clinical burnout.

30/03/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Yellow Fever and Travel Medicine Workshop

A one-day seminar with New Zealand's leading Yellow Fever specialists.

1/05/2019 Continuing Medical Education

PADA World Maternal Mental Health Forum - Wellington

Professional development for those supporting families affected by mental illness related to pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood.

20/02/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Canterbury GP Professional Education 2019 Series

Oxford Women's Health hosts a series of CME Endorsed events throughout 2019.

2/03/2019 Continuing Medical Education

The Certificate of Fundamental Dermatoscopy 2019

Fully accredited, highly practical skin cancer teaching by leading skin cancer experts - made dead simple

3/03/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Cert. of Surgical and Medical Management of Skin Cancer

Fully accredited, highly practical skin cancer teaching by leading skin cancer experts - made dead simple

22/03/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Goodfellow Symposium 2019

An annual 3-day programme featuring short talks, influential panel discussions and the opportunity to be hands-on in our popular practical sessions.

23/03/2019 Conference

Wellington Faculty: Jam On Toast

Combining a fresh, local 'jam' session with revelry in the Toast Martinborough style, this weekend event is not to be missed.

28/03/2019 Conference

Canterbury Faculty Social Event

The Canterbury Faculty would like to invite all Canterbury Faculty members to our annual GP, medical student, and trainee intern evening.

29/03/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Acurity Connect GP Conference

Now in its 21st year, this conference continues to grow in popularity bringing together GP’s from across New Zealand for one of the best educational events in the country.

30/03/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Waikato GP Teachers Workshop 2019

Hosted by the Centre for Medical and Health Sciences Education, University of Auckland, this is an interactive course designed for clinical educators.

4/04/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Third Annual Rural Research Day: who do we serve?

Hosted by the College's Rural Chapter, the rural research day will feature a range of speakers.

4/04/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Annual Rural Health Conference 2019

The Annual Rural Health Conference 2019 will feature workshops, concurrent sessions, nine keynote speakers and more.

4/04/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Mini-Masterclass: Communications - Being with Dying

Hosted by Mary Potter Hospice, this event will discuss the challenges of communicating in conversations in palliative care.

4/04/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Making medicine fun and meaningful - Lucy O'Hagan

Lucy will share her experiences and thoughts on doctor well being in this interactive session.

5/04/2019 Continuing Medical Education

AIMA NZ Conference 2019

A ‘must-do’ for all doctors, health practitioners, students and members of the public who want to hear the advantages of integrative medicine.

9/04/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Changing Face of Disease in Aotearoa

Hosted by the Healthy Start Workforce Project.

10/04/2019 Continuing Medical Education

World Conference of Surfing Medicine 2019

Hosted by Surfing Medicine International, the conference features a three-day programme of inspiring lectures including workshops, outdoor activities and more.

10/04/2019 Continuing Medical Education

NPNZ Evolution 2019

Hosted by Nurse Practitioner New Zealand.

11/04/2019 Conference

2019 Wellington Faculty AGM

The Wellington Faculty of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners warmly invite you to attend the 2019 Annual General Meeting.

12/04/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Clinical pharmacology for nurses

This seminar will cover clinical pharmacology as it applies to primary care and common misconceptions about medicines in NZ.

12/04/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Advanced Skin Surgery Workshop

Hosted by the Skin Cancer College Australasia, this course is for doctors already undertaking simple skin excisions and routine closures in primary practice.

13/04/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Certificate of Dermoscopy 2019 - Auckland

Hosted by the Skin Cancer College Australasia, this is an ideal introduction to dermoscopy for doctors and nurses wanting to understand the basics.

29/04/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Addressing health inequity for tane Maori

This workshop will address the inequalities and inequity through engagement initiatives used in a Maori men’s health and wellbeing programme based in Rotorua.

30/04/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Refugee Health Forum 2019: Social Well-Being

Social wellbeing – understanding welfare entitlements for former refugees & asylum seekers and how we can improve their access to it.

24/05/2019 Continuing Medical Education

2019 Canterbury Faculty AGM

Featuring guest speaker and wellbeing expert Dr Tom Mulholland.

3/05/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Southland GP Educational Weekend

A weekend of learning and collegiality, featuring eight speakers including Robert Bester, Hamish Wilson and more.

7/05/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Diabetes for General Practice

Hosted by the New Zealand Society for the Study of Diabetes.

10/05/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Choosing Wisely Forum: Continuing the Conversation

The Choosing Wisely campaign encourages health professionals to talk with patients about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures.

11/05/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Common Skin Lesions and Dermatoscopy 2019

Conducted by Adjunct Associate Professor Amanda Oakley, this one-day course addresses clinical and dermatoscopic diagnosis of common benign and malignant skin lesions.

18/05/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Northland Faculty Annual Conference and AGM

Hosted by the Northland Faculty, the conference is a collegial opportunity which will contribute to your continued medical education.

20/05/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Maternal mental health and pregnancy complications

This seminar will cover the impact of trauma on maternal mental health, risk factors, diagnosis and management options including medication and referral to other health professionals.

14/06/2019 Continuing Medical Education

University of Otago GP Conference and Dinner 2019

Hosted by the Department of Medicine, the conference begins with a meet and greet dinner and will feature talks by some of the departments best teachers.

26/07/2019 Continuing Medical Education

GP19: Conference for General Practice

The annual Conference for General Practice is the only conference in New Zealand that is presented by GPs, for GPs.

17/08/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Certificate of Dermoscopy 2019 - Chistchurch

Hosted by the Skin Cancer College Australasia, this is an ideal introduction to dermoscopy for doctors and nurses wanting to understand the basics.

21/03/2019 Continuing Medical Education

Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Seminar - Dunedin

Professional development for those supporting families affected by mental illness related to pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood.

3/09/2018 Summative Intensive Programme

Summative Intensive Programme (SIP) 2018 Online

3/09/2018 Summative Intensive Programme

SIP Consultation Video Review 2018 Online