The College collaborates with your PHO to manage the assessment process.

1. Registration

Practices seeking assessment against the Foundation Standard need to advise their affiliated PHO.

2. Practice self-assessment

Practices initially need to undertake a self-assessment and provide evidence to their PHO on how they meet each of the Aiming for Excellence (2016) Foundation Standard criteria. The Foundation Standard Interpretation Guide (2016) describes the requirements of the quality standard, aims to assist practices and PHOs understand and provide appropriate evidence against the criteria in the Foundation Standard. While practices may already meet and be able to provide immediate evidence for a number of criteria, some criteria may require additional planning or implementation, involving a longer lead time. For example, there are a number of criteria, which may require building or construction work, such as those relating to safety of patient access and external signage. Once a practice has completed their self-assessment they need to submit the evidence to their PHO. If you have any questions about the self-assessment process, please discuss with your PHO.

3. Assigning an assessor

The PHO will assign an assessor to the practice after the PHO receives the practice’s self-assessment. PHOs can either assess their practices themselves, share assessments with another PHO, or contract an external assessor. However, all Foundation Standard assessors must be trained by the College.

4. External assessment 

The PHO or external assessor will carry out an assessment visit to confirm all elements of a practice’s self-assessment.  The visit will be arranged with each practice and should take approximately 4 – 6 hours. The assessor will review the evidence provided by the practice for their self-assessment, and assess the practice against the requirements of the Foundation Standard. The assessors will then submit the results of their assessment to the practice’s PHO for review.

5. Assessment results

The practice and the assessor will have the opportunity to submit additional evidence and information to the PHO, if necessary. When the practice has met all the Foundation Standard criteria, the PHO will confirm this with the practice. The practice and the assessor will have the opportunity to submit additional evidence and information to the PHO, if necessary. It is the PHO’s responsibility to determine when a practice has not met the Foundation Standard and put in place an action plan with the practice.

6. Additional evidence

Any additional evidence provided by the practice will be reviewed by the assessor.

7. Foundation Standard confirmation 

The practice will submit their final Foundation Standard report for moderation by the College. Once the College has moderated the final report and is satisfied the practice meets all the criteria, it will award Foundation Standard Certification to the practice. The assessment process is managed and supported by the College’s QA2QI IT system.