CORNERSTONE® CQI module pilot

The CORNERSTONE® CQI module pilot is coming to an end 1 October 2019. Thank you to practices who've participated, especially through the busy winter period and during a measles outbreak. We’ve collected over 600 pieces of feedback which will help us to finalise our new College Quality Standards. 

We’ve created a pilot assessment process flowchart to help practices prepare for the assessment – if you have any questions, please email

Pilot documents

Helpful feedback for the Quality team 

When providing feedback on the draft CORNERSTONE® CQI module, it would be helpful to consider: 

  • Does the guidance help you understand the CQI initiative methodology, accreditation criteria and final report requirements?
  • Is the Model for Improvement guidance clear?
  • Is the PDSA guidance clear?
  • Are there any additional references or examples that would be helpful to include?
The easiest way to provide feedback is to download the CQI module, add comments and suggestions to the document and send it to Alternatively, you can email us your comments and suggestions.


If you have any questions about the project, please email

CQI module pilot FAQs

Do I need to complete the CORNERSTONE® CQI module?
Yes, if you want to achieve CORNERSTONE® accreditation. To achieve CORNESTONE® accreditation, practices will need to be accredited against the Foundation Standard module, the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) module and a practice chosen module.  
Is it acceptable for one GP to complete the CQI module work or does it have to be practice-wide?
Yes it is, the outcome and clinical quality improvement of your initiative is more important that the number of people who have worked on it. 

When do practices need to complete the module by? 

We would like practices to aim to complete it by October 2019.

Do I need to use the PSDA methodology listed in the module?

No it’s not mandatory but it’s important to apply a structured approach, the PSDA methodology is one model you can use.

How will my initiative be assesed?

There will be an online review and an onsite assessment if you’re planning to get CORNESTONE® accreditation through the pilots i.e. you are also piloting the Foundation Standard module and a practice chosen module as well as the CQI module. If you decide to pilot the CQI module as a one off, it will just be the online assessment.

Does my practice need to pay to pilot the CORNERSTONE® CQI module?

No, there is no additional cost to participating in any of the pilots. Pilot practices will simply continue to pay their current contractual fee.