Mandatory criteria changes for CORNERSTONE® Annual Programme


Following discussions on the proposed mandatory criteria for Cornerstone accreditation, the Aiming for Excellence Transition Consultation Working Group agreed that practices migrating to the 2016 version of Aiming for Excellence will now have 14 mandatory criteria required for self assessment each year.  For practices currently engaged in the annual programme using the 2011 version, there are 11 mandatory criteria required for self-assessment. 

At their meeting in October, the working group reviewed the list of criteria and has made a number of amendments to bring it up-to-date. These revisions reflect a number of changes in the standard and in the primary health care sector. Some previous criteria have been removed from the new version. The new additions were considered to be important annual checks (e.g. APCs).

More information on the annual programme will be released soon.

Download the CORNERSTONE® criteria (PDF 45KB)