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WEEKLY | ePulse newsletter

ePulse is the College’s weekly e-newsletter distributed to more than 4000 GPs and 500 other health-sector stakeholders every Tuesday afternoon. ePulse carries salient news items, information about consultations, education events, conferences and vacancies. 

- The deadline for advertising material is 12 noon on the Friday before the insertion; 200 words max; can include a pdf, email, website link.
- It is the College’s policy not to promote overseas positions in an effort to support the New Zealand workforce. 
- It is illegal to discriminate when hiring an employee on the grounds of colour, race, ethnic or national origin, sex (including the gender of the person and including whether they are pregnant or not), marital family status, age, disability, religious or ethical belief, political opinion, employment status, sexual orientation or direct or indirect involvement in activities with a union.
- Adverts cannot be accepted if they carry a message the College cannot endorse.
- Rates are subject to review from time-to-time.

Please email with the relevant advertising information, including your full name and College membership/MCNZ number (if you are a member) for verification.

ONGOING | Events

The College will list complimentary CME-endorsed events and those from organisations affiliated to the College in ePulse and on the website. Non CME-endorsed events can also be listed at a cost of $270+GST.

To list an event, please email the details through to

QUARTERLY | Journal of Primary Health Care (JPHC)

Our most popular publication, the Journal of Primary Health Care contains 88 pages of peer-reviewed scientific research targeting general practice. See advertising specs.

Please contact: 

Doug Walters
National Advertising Manager
CSIRO Publishing
T  +61 3 9545 8505 | F  +61 3 9545 8550 |   E | M  +61 419 357 779 

GP Pulse is the monthly online magazine for members of The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners.

It is published to members on the second Thursday of each month and then becomes freely available through the College’s website on the fourth Thursday of each month.

GP Pulse accepts full-page, half-page and quarter-page advertisements from:
CME-endorsed professional development events
Organisations affiliated to The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners
Organisations working in the primary health care sector.
Please note: It is the College’s policy not to accept advertising for pharmaceutical products in GP Pulse.
Booking deadline
The second Monday of the month for the next month, eg the second Monday of July for the August edition.
Artwork deadline
The last Thursday of the month for the next month, eg the last Thursday of July for the August edition.
Dimensions and rates
Ad size   Dimension   Rate 
 Full page (to fit within margins)       184 mm wide x 266 mm high        $400 + GST 
 Full page (to edge of page)  210 mm wide x 297 mm high  $400 + GST
 Half page (landscape)  184 mm wide x 120 mm high  $250 + GST
 Half page (portrait)  90 mm wide x 266 mm high  $250 + GST
 Quarter page (landscape)  184 mm wide x 60 mm high  $150 + GST
 Quarter page (portrait)  90 mm wide x 120 mm high  $150 + GST
Please email the editor if you’re interested in advertising in GP Pulse.

Please contact:

The Editor, GP Pulse
The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners 
Tel: +64 4 496 5999  |   Fax: +64 4 496 5997  
Email:  |   Website:


The College will not permit at any time the placement of any advertising for illegal, defamatory or objectionable products.

Advertising must not contain fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, or offensive material, including material that misrepresents, ridicules, or attacks an individual or group on the basis of age, colour, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or disability status.

Advertising must not be related to any of the following: pharmaceuticals, alcohol, firearms/ammunition, fireworks, gambling, pornography, private health insurers, tobacco or any other product, service, person or entity that the College considers to be inconsistent with the principles and values of the College. In addition, the College will not accept recruitment or advertisements for general practice vacancies outside of New Zealand’s general practice workforce. 

No advertising shall be permitted which may injure the good name or reputation of the College.

Under no circumstance will our acceptance of an advertisement be considered an endorsement of the product(s) and/or service(s) advertised or the company that manufacturers, distributed, or promotes such product(s) and/or service(s).