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Issue 11 – October 2017

You said, we did: Website and QA2QI improvements

We've made three improvements to our website and QA2QI.

We’ve created a new index page for Aiming for Excellence, we’ve created a save button by each indicator, and clarified the purpose of the preliminary report button. Thank you for those suggestions and keep them coming!

You said

Aiming for Excellence is a long document, can you make it easier for us to navigate to the right section?

We did

We’ve added a new page to our website, The Aiming for Excellence standard. On this page we’ve included the contents page and put links that take you directly to the relevant page of the publication.

You said

We’d like a way to save a preliminary report. Also, the ‘Print’ button doesn’t actually print the report!

We did

You’re right – we’ve changed the name of the ‘Print’ button to ‘Preliminary Report’, reflecting that it produces a PDF version of the preliminary report that includes areas and gaps still to complete. You can save this to your computer and print it in the usual way.

You said

Could you add more save buttons, next to each indicator, to reduce the amount of scrolling up and down the page? This would also help prevent data loss due to website time-outs.

We did

Of course, we’ve added a new save button at the beginning of each indicator, so you can be more confident that all your updates to QA2QI are being saved.

New Aiming for Excellence page

Preliminary report (view more detail)

Save button (view more detail)