General Practitioner | Christchurch

2/03/2021 | ID: 004178

Linwood Medical Centre is currently recruiting a full time GP for their community clinic based in the Eastgate shopping centre in Christchurch. Serving a lower socio-economic area, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to general practice. We have worked hard to provide a variety of services on site; our clinic includes a social worker, physio, midwife, hand-therapist, and pharmacy. We also neighbour with The Loft which provides a wide variety of social services to the greater Christchurch community. Recently, we’ve collaborated with the CDHB and other organisations to provide specialist services in our space.
We are currently seeking an 8/10 General Practitioner who shares our values and passion for providing quality healthcare.


Name: Brendan Mcilraith
Phone: 021373073




Full-time vacancy